"To serve mankind is to serve God."

- Swami Vivekananda


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While returning from a cremation ground after attending the funeral of a known resident of our colony, I happened to spot a young malnourished boy trying hard to pull a three wheeler cart loaded with something wrapped up in torn blanket. It was slightly raining and the boy was making vain efforts to save the load from drenching. His sense of gloom and defeat was writ large on his face for failing to protect the load he was carrying from rain. I somehow got curious to find out the load the boy was struggling to carry on the cart. I slowly stopped my car on the side and signaled the boy to stop. When I approached him, I was aghast to find the load he was carrying was the dead body of his father who passed away on the previous day. The boy in choked voice explained that he had nobody in this world except his father who too lost his life with a dreaded disease. The boy with uncontrollable tears flowing down his cheeks, stated that he was helpless to perform the funeral of his father due to his abject poverty.

This incident touched my heart and I settled to quickly arrange for the funeral of the father of the boy and was present till the last rite was over. The gratitude filled face of the boy at that moment made me to decide to do something for the poor and destitute people so that they had an honourable exit from this world. Thus born the idea of starting an NGO solely for achieving the above objective.

R Mani NaiduR. Mani Naidu

uma naiduUma Naidu

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Dr. Amiya Chandra

Dr. Amiya Chandra

Joint Director Gneral of Foreign Trade
P. K. Singh

P. K. Singh

Director Doordarshan and All India Radio.
Maina Bhatnagar

Maina Bhatnagar

Astrologer and Tarot Reader
Lakshmi Pillai

Lakshmi Pillai

Social Activist

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